Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chicago Kamikazes, Are they Dead ?

Happy new year everyone! The Chicago Kamikazes have been offline, from a blog perspective, for some time but we are still alive and active in the hobby. With the new year upon we will make a refreshing new effort to start reaching out to the local Chicago Community and start talking about the changes we have seen to 40k along with the tournament scene these days.

As for the Kamikazes lots of changes have hit us ... Some guys have gotten or will be getting married soon and due to family and life obligations we needed to replace one of the team members with a Merck this year for the Adepticon Tournament.

Tournaments where a Kamikaze will be present in 2015 plan to attend this year:

1) Good Bad and Ugly (Wisconsin Jan)
2) LVO (Las Vegas Feb)
3) FTN Seasonal ( North Carolina, Feb)
4) Adepticon (March)
5) Dark Star ( May)
6) BAO (July)
7) ATC (July)
8) ETC (August)
9) Nova (Sep)
10) Feast of Blades (October)
11) Michigan GT ( October)
12) Da Boys GT (November)

For this year plan to see articles on our hobby work , tactics, battle reports, and displays.

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